How Test Automation Works Using TestAutomatic

Simple steps to Automate any Web Application.

1.Enter URL

2. Click on Automate Me

3. It will generate the Functional flow in the grid displayed at the bottom of the page

4. And test Automation Code of the same flow, the snapshot of code will be displayed in the top right side under code generator.

5. User is required to have the flow which he/she is intended to automate and select and remove the other flow by using the delete option in the grid.this will automatically update the automation test case too.

6. User has facility to change the default actions which will be provided by tool on a given element and can choose the action required for his/her test, once user select the action from the action drop down present in the test grid , the automation code will automatically reflect the same.

7. User has the facility to parameterise the test case by selecting "prameterize button “and provided the global /Local excel sheet. and providing the columnname under the user value column by selecting the pre-populated dropdowns.

8. Save your test case and execute the same either in Web automation page or in Test Management page by selecting the same.