-Provide any Web URL and click on automate me, our intelligent bot reads web source code of web application and within fractions of seconds, and application tests are ready.
-View code that's ready for the web automation test.
-In parallel, we have ensured that functional test cases are created. The hassle-free test case writes up.
-Test more, Validate more, Find bugs earlier and on a lighter note go home early as your testing targets for functional and Automation write-ups are bound to be met because we have to ensured and have made adequate heavy lifting.
-Users can automate all the modules of the web application, click on Continue flow and automate as many modules over the web.
-Some web applications may require multiple tests, click on execute me and run the automated code as many times one would like to.
-Well in an unlikely event one observe that the code is stuck or the web application is not responding just click on Abort and we dynamically terminate the Hanged process and we auto-enable the system for execution.
-View all your execution information on the code execution tab, TestAutomatic print all execution data on the go so one doesn't miss out on anything. Right from code compilation to code execution.
-Well, there is more in the store if one like to parametrize Test, just provide test data excel sheet and we will use those data for testing.
-We support all the major functionalities which market standard tools provide, we have support for both global and local excel functionality.
-An easy toggle to view all website Links and Span texts.
-Provide user value on the TA grid, didn't like a flow just go ahead and delete it, well want to add a new flow just click on add row and flow is amended.

Test Management in Jira.

-We have created with an all-new enhanced user experience to view all current and past tests which were executed on Testautomatic in Jira for the respective project.
-Test statistics are managed graphically and it displays all requisite information like the number of test Pass and Fail at a test-suite level as well as a test-case level.
-One can view all Test cases, logs, and an entire video of how the tests were executed.
-Local and parametrized run are handled in a different way so that the user can get a clear insight into how the tests were executed.

No additional CI / CD pipeline